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Who's That Squirrel?
Hi there, and welcome! Thanks for checking out our website.

My name is Laura Kassama, and I am passionate about finding smart solutions for small business owners just like you. 

After working for over 15 years as a virtual assistant and office manager within the business centre industry, I saw countless business owners struggle to get the quality of support they really need. Many businesses utilizing employees end up dealing with annoying frequent staff turnovers, high staffing overhead costs, and hiring skilled workers who are not skilled in all the kinds of work needed, or who are really just there for the paycheque and don't care much about the company or its bottom line. 

Has this happened to you? Have you been noticing that "good enough" just isn't good enough anymore? At the business centre, it was really hard to provide the level of service I knew our team there was capable of, and I wanted to do more for my clients. To realize this goal, I decided to (excuse the pun) branch out on my own.

Well, not really on my own. You see, I strongly value teamwork and collaboration, and so I decided to build a diverse and closely-knit team of highly skilled, experienced and passionate Squirrels who share the same values, so we can deliver high quality workmanship and memorably good customer service to you.

Virtual Squirrel is a Vancouver-based virtual assistance team. As a team, we coordinate, cross-train, and assist one another to provide you with the fantastic support you deserve for your business. You won't have to manage the team, as we streamline our support internally. You'll always get the best specialist Squirrel for the work, and you can count on our whole team of friendly, highly skilled Squirrels for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own full time staff. Imagine, a whole team of support, focused on helping you look good, be great, and feel well-supported.

In my years of experience, it's been a great honour serving hundreds of clients across countless fields and industries, and in an abundance of administrative capacities. I truly enjoy building great and lasting relationships, and genuinely love helping clients grow their businesses and revenue.

The team at Virtual Squirrel aims to meet your needs through innovative and smart business support solutions, by offering only the very best virtual assistance services, and we look forward to celebrating your successes with you!

It would be a pleasure to learn about you and your business, and to customize a package or plan that supports your business effectively. We can handle as much or as little as you need.

We are really here for you!

Eagerly yours,


Laura Kassama
Managing Squirrel &
Current President,
International Virtual
Assistants Association
About Us
Eager         Organized         Cheerful         Resourceful         Effective
A Little Bit About the Squirrels

Amanda – Loves Client Relations, Administrative Support, Research, and lasagna.

Angel - Loves Accounting, Bookkeeping, and bubble tea. 

Carrie - Loves Administration, Database Management, Customer Service Support, and avocados.

Connie - Loves Bookkeeping, Accounting Software and Reports, and chocolate.

Daisy - Loves Blog Writing, Copy Writing, Content Writing, Editing & Proofreading, and peanut butter.

Devon - Loves Website Development & Maintenance, SEO, and burritos.

Elisabeth – Loves Customer Support, Invoicing, Data Management, To Do Lists, and chicken pot pies.

Erin - Loves Branding, Photography, Minimalist Design, Print Design, and lattes.

Giulio - Loves Human Interaction, Designing, Branding, Social Media, and hazelnuts. 

Heather - Loves Tech Integrations, Video & Sound Post Production, and peaches.

Jani - Loves Project Management, Market Research, Client Relations, and burgers. 

Laura - Loves Administration, Marketing, Document Formatting, Writing & Editing, and popcorn.

Lauri - Loves Research, Administrative Support, Calendar Management, and garlic bread.

Lisa - Loves Website Design, Typing, Transcription, Writing & Editing, Copywriting, and cookies. 

Marcel - Loves Customer Service Support, Phone Campaigns, Administration, and poutine.

Parisa - Loves Voiceovers, Database Management, Client Relations, Proofreading, and smoothies.

Renee - Loves Social Media Strategies, Social Media Management, and hummus.

Rishara - Loves Photography, Lighting, Visual Storytelling, and potato chips.

Rohan - Loves Numbers, Excel Analytics, Reports, Management Information Systems, and coffee.

Rosella - Loves Bookkeeping, Calculations and Numbers, Budgets, and dim sum.

Saba - Loves Creating Infographics, Supporting Speakers, Administrative Support, and honey.

Shaniel - Loves Social Media Management, Creating LinkedIn Profiles, and coconut.

Shansi - Loves Everything to do with Administrative Support, Customer Service, and salsa.
Syntyche - Loves Administrative Support, Document Formatting, Creating SOPs, and mac & cheese.

Theresa - Loves Social Media and Social Media Scheduling Systems, and pineapples. 

Yadira - Loves Branding, Designing, Digital Marketing, Organizing, Administration, and mangoes.

"You are really making me look good here!" - Anonymous (banking industry executive)

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