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Privacy Policy

Last Reviewed:  January 2024

Your privacy is important to us. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect data and use it. By initializing any of our services, you are acknowledging your agreement to provide information to us, as needed, in accordance with the Virtual Squirrel Business Support Service ("Virtual Squirrel") Privacy Policy.

We, the Virtual Squirrel owner and team members (collectively known as “The Squirrels”), appreciate the opportunity to help you and your business grow, and we are determined and committed to protecting your privacy. Please note that all information provided to us will be used in accordance to our Privacy Policy, and you will not be asked any additional information outside of this policy.

Privacy Statement:

This Privacy Policy has been posted on the Virtual Squirrel website to inform you of the standards and procedures in place to safeguard your confidential personal or business information and to inform you on how it is handled. You can find all updated information on our website for your review, or, if you have any questions, please contact us at:

Information Collection and Use:

By using the services of Virtual Squirrel, you are consenting to providing any confidential personal or business information necessary to carry out the work requested. Your consent gives us the right to contact you for promotional purposes, service requests, email marketing, customer service feedback and improvement, and to communicate with you. We endeavour to communicate with you effectively using this information. All contact efforts will be made based on data entered into our system, upon your purchase of a Virtual Squirrel service, or subsequently, in the course of our ongoing communications.

The types of information that may be requested of you are as follows:

  • Name;

  • Profession;

  • Address;

  • Contact details;

  • Postal code;

  • Demographic information;

  • Interests;

  • Business details;

  • Any other information required for us to handle the work you have asked us to complete.

Your information and/or your company’s information may be used for the following purposes:

  • Handling the work you have asked us to complete;

  • Providing our customers with personalized services;

  • Improving our services;

  • Keeping our customers up-to-date with any changes that have been made or will be made;

  • Promotions or advertisements.

Safeguarding Your Information:

Every effort will be made to protect your business and personal information. Strict internal protocols are maintained constantly, and reviewed periodically.


Upon visiting the Virtual Squirrel website (, you may encounter links to other websites of interest. It is not the responsibility of Virtual Squirrel for any misused personal information on third-party websites. Please ensure your due diligence upon leaving our website and entering any personal information that may pose harm to you or your company, if any information is inadvertently placed in the wrong hands.

Personal Information:

If at any time, you have changed your personal or business information, please let us know at We will not give out your confidential personal or business information to third parties, marketing companies or other businesses, unless authorized by you.

We will not sell or distribute your confidential personal or business information unless it is required by law. We will only share your confidential personal or business information under the following circumstances:

(i) As it complies with any law, regulation, subpoena or court order;

(ii) As it aids in fraud prevention and/or protecting the rights of Virtual Squirrel and its subcontractors;

(iii) As it protects the personal safety of Virtual Squirrel and its subcontractors;

(iv) As it is authorized by governmental authorities;

(v) As it resolves a dispute regarding Virtual Squirrel, including if your account may be facing legal charges and/or is in arrears with Virtual Squirrel;

(vi) As approved by you directly or by your authorized agent, employee, subcontractor, etc., who has been specifically approved by you to authorize the sharing of such information, which can and will be revoked at any time if you decide otherwise.

Third Parties / Subcontractors:

The Virtual Squirrel team members (“The Squirrels”) are self-employed subcontractors, working as needed, in a tight-knit working team, personalized for each Virtual Squirrel customer. These subcontractors may have access to customers’ confidential personal or business information in accordance with this policy, in order to perform their duties. The Squirrels, under contractual obligation, are required to not use any confidential personal or business information for any purpose other than for performing their duties on behalf of Virtual Squirrel, as requested by our customers. It is a requirement for all subcontractors to take all necessary security precautions to safeguard all customers’ confidential personal or business information at all times. All suppliers and service providers are also required, in accordance with this policy, to safeguard any confidential personal or business information received on behalf of Virtual Squirrel, and to not use any information for anything other than for the function being performed.  ­­

Credit Card Payments:

Credit card payments can be made on the Virtual Squirrel website for your ease, using a secure, reputable and PCI compliant third-party provider (“WePay”).


Upon purchase of one of our available service packages, you are subject to receive marketing and promotional materials via phone/email, text messaging, and postal mail. Subscribing to our service ensures that you receive all service updates, product promotions and special event information. We are also subject to call you regarding any surveys and/or upcoming promotional offers.

Our website’s cookies assist us in tracking data through the use of your domain name or IP address, and they track the dates and times you entered the website. With this information, we are better able to understand how we can better improve our customer service.

Merger, Acquisition, Sale / Transfer of Assets or Business:

We value your business and respect your privacy. If, in the future, ownership changes, including if we are merged with or sold to another operating company, under this Privacy Policy, we are liable to share with that entity as a part of this transaction, all private information that will aid in the continuation of Virtual Squirrel services with our customers. In these cases, your confidential personal or business information, will then, continue to be used for promotional purposes, communication, customer service feedback and updates on our services, and will not be sold or distributed to marketing companies or other businesses for their use.

Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or responses in regards to this Privacy Policy at

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