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Terms & Conditions

Last Reviewed:  January 2024

By purchasing or using any service provided by Virtual Squirrel Business Support Services (“Virtual Squirrel”, “us” and/or “we”), including through this website ( or through any other method of communication with Virtual Squirrel, it is understood that you and/or your company (“the Customer”, “you”) have read and agree to follow, and be bound by, the following Terms & Conditions.

For more information about data collection, please review the Virtual Squirrel Privacy Policy, also found on our website.

All services provided by Virtual Squirrel are subject to these Terms & Conditions, including all communications and any further written agreements made between the Customer and Virtual Squirrel, as well as any further communications and/or statements made by Virtual Squirrel on the website or through any other written communication method, in addition to the stated Terms & Conditions listed in this document

Virtual Squirrel reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy at any time, without notice. It is the responsibility of the Customer to review these documents from time to time to stay current of any changes. By continuing to use our services, it is understood that the Customer continues to agree with, and be bound by, the Terms & Conditions, as written. Resolution of any dispute between the Customer and Virtual Squirrel will be governed by the Terms & Conditions listed at the time that the dispute occurred, and according to the Laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.


To be eligible to use our services, the Customer or company’s authorized representative must be at least 18 years of age. In order to be provided services by Virtual Squirrel, the Customer may be required to provide proof of identity to create an account and access our services. The Customer will be denied access to our services if proof of identity is refused. Services can be revoked or terminated at any time if the Customer does not adhere to the Terms & Conditions stated in this Agreement.

Use of Services:

Virtual Squirrel provides adequate communication methods, payment platforms and work submission methods for all customers.

All work will be performed in a timely manner by Virtual Squirrel, through our owner and authorized subcontractors. By using any of our services, the Customer agrees that Virtual Squirrel’s subcontractors are able to contact, provide information to, and, upon authorization of the Customer or an authorized representative of the Customer, purchase necessary information, requirements and/or products from third party providers for the purposes of carrying out requested services or work.

The Customer agrees to not engage in the following prohibited activities:

(i) Copy, distribute, or disclose any part of any services provided by us.

(ii) Use any automated system to access Virtual Squirrel services without permission.

(iii) Communicate any spam, chain letter, unsolicited email, SMS, or other unsolicited messages unrelated to the business relationship.

(iv) Interfere or attempt to compromise the veracity or security of Virtual Squirrel or decrypt any and/or all communications that are responsible for running any servers that operate our services.

(v) Impose or take any action to inflict any load that is excessively large to our system.

(vi) Upload any invalid data or any file or coding that may cause harm to our software including, but not limited to, viruses and worms.

(vii) Accumulate any information in relation to Virtual Squirrel’s services for your own personal use.

(viii) Privately solicit any Virtual Squirrel services for commercial use.

(ix) Copy another person’s identity for fraudulent purposes.

(x) Interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operations of services offered by Virtual Squirrel.

(xi) Use any other means of access other than those authorized and provided by Virtual Squirrel to access content.

(xii) Avoid any procedures used by Virtual Squirrel to restrict access to our services.


Virtual Squirrel has the right to, without prior notice, change any services provided or stop any services provided to customers generally, as well as limit usage for any or all services. We also have the right to permanently or temporarily suspend access to any or all services without notice for any or no reason for any customer, upon violation of these Terms & Conditions.

Virtual Squirrel Accounts:

Having an account with Virtual Squirrel allows the Customer to have access to our services, which can be refined over time. Regarding the use of any third-party services, the Customer grants Virtual Squirrel the access to use, for the purposes of handling requested work, any information provided by that service and to also store any log-in authorizations used for that service. The Customer will not be able to use any other customer’s account, information, documents, or other data without their permission.


The Customer must provide complete, up-to-date, and accurate information at the time of account set-up, payment of services and initialization of those services. Any updated information should also be provided to Virtual Squirrel promptly. Failure to do so may result in the inability to have access to Virtual Squirrel services.

Any activity occurring on the Customer’s account is the sole responsibility of the Customer, including, but not limited to, security. In the event of a breach of security, the Customer must contact Virtual Squirrel immediately. Virtual Squirrel, its owner and/or subcontractors, will not be held responsible for any losses associated with unauthorized use of any log-ins, information, account, etc..

The Customer grants Virtual Squirrel access to use of any email addresses provided, to send any service-related notices or updates, including notices required by law. The email address provided may also be used to send any other important information, including new features or changes being made to services, special offers, promotions, etc.. If you are not in agreement with this or would not like to receive any of these emails, please contact us at Doing this may prevent you from receiving important or helpful information from Virtual Squirrel.

Package Type:

1. Administrative Time Packages of differing numbers of service hours are available, and are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. These time packages are then tracked by the minute for usage, with monthly reports provided at no additional charge, to ensure the Customer knows how much time is left on their pre-paid package.

2. Customized Service Packages for various items can be purchased and will be valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. These customized packages are created as a set grouping of services, including an anticipated amount of time required for these services to be performed.

3. Hourly Rates for certain ongoing work may be negotiated and invoiced, such as with full cycle bookkeeping services. Invoices for billed work are due upon receipt.

Pre-paid services are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and may not be resold. Ownership of any pre-paid services will remain with the original purchaser.


Pre-paid services can be set up to automatically renew, if the Customer wishes. This is not a requirement, but a convenience to the Customer. If the Customer does not wish to automatically renew services, then work will end at the time that the service package has been exhausted. Virtual Squirrel will make every effort to contact the Customer with adequate notice, if at all possible, to advise on the status of the service package prior to it being exhausted.

All payments to Virtual Squirrel can be made by credit card through the website by purchasing a package, or by email as a customized package or agreement and paid for by e-transfer, wire transfer, credit card, cash or cheque. In the event the Customer does not use email or the internet, documentation of the agreement and an invoice will be sent by mail prior to commencement of services.

The Customer is responsible for paying any taxes related to the purchase or transaction of any Virtual Squirrel service.

All invoices are due upon receipt. Late charges will apply on invoices unpaid for more than 10 business days, in the event where services have already commenced or have been completed, or in the event that products subject to PST appear on the invoice. Late charges will be based on 5% of the invoiced amount, and re-applied monthly on all outstanding amounts. All outstanding invoices left unpaid for 90 days will be sent to Collections.

It is understood that receipt of payment by Virtual Squirrel constitutes agreement to the Terms & Conditions, as written. Failure by the Customer to conduct business within this specified framework will not be accepted by Virtual Squirrel and may result in the Customer's account being terminated.

Submission and Handling of Work:

All work tasks (referred to in any manner, including as projects, assignments, work, tasks, jobs, workload, etc.), should be submitted either through our website form, found under the tab, “Send Us Work”, or by email to, or by telephone or fax to 604-343-2766. In cases where work tasks cannot be submitted by any of these methods, arrangements will be made for shipping, at the sole cost of the Customer. Work will not be started on any submitted items without a pre-paid package or pricing / payment schedule in place.

Most work tasks can be completed within 24-48 hours, except for larger jobs or ongoing workloads. Virtual Squirrel will make every effort to schedule and complete the work in a timely manner, and will be in touch regarding anticipated timelines, should the time frame of 24-48 hours be inadequate for the workload. In the case where Rush Service is requested and/or authorized by the Customer, rush charges will be applied as either a time or monetary value, as follows:

25% surcharge – within 24 hours

50% surcharge – within 12 hours

75% surcharge – within 6 hours

100% surcharge – within 2 hours

Please note that we will do everything possible to meet the Customer's deadline request, as well as to keep within our own work completion guidelines, however, due to potential unforeseen circumstances, deadlines are never guaranteed. We will do our best to keep you informed of our progress and anticipated completion times.

There may be occasions when, for legal and/or logistical reasons, Virtual Squirrel may be unable to perform the work requested. In this case, we will inform the Customer as soon as possible regarding the issue.

Virtual Squirrel and/or our subcontractors will turn away any work that we are uncomfortable with due to an issue of ethics or potential legality. For example, we will not engage in writing a paper on behalf of a student for a university course, but we will provide proofreading, editing and formatting of a university paper.

Virtual Squirrel is not responsible for any difficulties or legal issues resulting in handling or not handling any work tasks requested by the Customer. All finalized work done by Virtual Squirrel is solely the responsibility of the Customer to review for accuracy, procedural compliance, any and/or all legal requirements, and/or any other undesirable and/or unlawful result or results that may arise. It is always the Customer’s responsibility to safeguard against any potential issues similar to those stated above. It is always the Customer’s responsibility to review the final version of any completed work for correctness, compliance and accuracy.

Therefore, no warranty or guarantee will be made by Virtual Squirrel on any work tasks or assignments performed by Virtual Squirrel, its owner and/or any of its subcontractors. Virtual Squirrel, it's owner and/or any of its subcontractors, will not be held liable for any damages and/or undesired outcomes resulting from incorrect, erroneous, incomplete or late work.


Any original work created for the Customer through Virtual Squirrel by its owner, subcontractors or employees is owned by Virtual Squirrel. Virtual Squirrel grants the Customer the permanent, non-exclusive, non-transferrable licence to use this work. The Customer may use the produced work for personal and/or commercial purposes. Virtual Squirrel retains the right to use and release any work completed for the Customer to any third party, as long as in doing so, any confidential and/or sensitive and/or non-public information removed, and therefore not included in the transaction.

Privacy / Confidentiality:

Private and/or confidential information collected by Virtual Squirrel will always be kept closely guarded, however, may be disclosed, per the Privacy Policy, in the event of any legal obligations such as subpoena, warrant, police investigation or in the event of the Customer’s account being sent to Collections due to non-payment.

Collected personal information may be used by Virtual Squirrel for relevant promotional purposes, service change updates, and necessary contact by subcontractors and management of Virtual Squirrel. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information on this topic.

Virtual Squirrel values your personal information and the security and integrity of it. We are not, however, able to guarantee the security of any personal information against improper use by any third party. The Customer understands that providing personal information always carries some measure of risk, and that this risk is borne by the Customer solely.


Intellectual property owned by the Customer remains the property of the Customer, including any patents, trademarks, and original work or ideas provided to Virtual Squirrel during the processing of work tasks.

Cancellation of Services:

Any ongoing, regularly scheduled work may be cancelled or postponed at any time by the Customer. Cancellations can be made by phone to 604-343-2766 or by email to There is no cancellation notice required, however, no refunds will be offered on any pre-paid services and/or packages.


Virtual Squirrel is operated as a tight-knit team of the owner of the company and subcontractors. Creating an operation that works tightly and cohesively as a team, for the purpose of providing a superior service to our customers, is based on the integrity of this team and the diverse skill sets provided by each team member.

The Customer agrees to and understands that Virtual Squirrel has a separate agreement with each team member, (collectively known as “the Squirrels”), and further agrees to and understands to not directly approach any team member outside the scope of the services requested and conducted by Virtual Squirrel for the purpose of working outside of the Virtual Squirrel platform / system / infrastructure. This acknowledgement and agreement remains in effect during the period of service, including while unused but active purchased service packages remain available. This acknowledgement and agreement remains in effect for a further 365 days past the last day of service and/or expiry date of any purchased package. This includes any unforeseen or foreseen termination of relationship between the Customer and Virtual Squirrel for any reason and/or no reason. This also includes any unforeseen or foreseen termination of relationship between any subcontractor and Virtual Squirrel for any reason and/or no reason.

Should any working relationship between a current or former Virtual Squirrel subcontractor (who worked on the Customer’s file within the previous 365 days prior to leaving Virtual Squirrel) be uncovered, the Customer agrees to pay Virtual Squirrel in the form of liquidated damages for lost investment of its subcontractor and/or future lost revenue, the one-time sum of $5,000.00 Canadian (Five Thousand Canadian Dollars).


The Customer agrees to adhere to, defend and hold harmless any and/or all Virtual Squirrel owners, associates and employees from and against any and/or all claims, damages, or losses costs or debt, and expenses (including attorney fees), in accordance to:

(i) Use of any services provided by Virtual Squirrel, including permissible data.

(ii) Violation of any Terms mentioned in these Terms & Conditions.

(iii) Any third-party right violation, in relation to privacy rights, property rights, and third-party provider rights.

(iv) Any violation of law and/or regulations.

(v) Any inaccurate information.

(vi) Any misconduct.

(vii) Any third-party access to services using any information related to the Customer's Virtual Squirrel account.

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