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Benefits & How It Works

"I had some documents prepared by Virtual Squirrel.

They made good recommendations and expertly handled my needs.

I would have no hesitation to use them again."

 - Fred Morris

Our Specialties Include

Incredible Value

We can meet your unique business needs in a number of ways. Choose from:

  • Hourly support packages including virtual business administration assistance, graphic design, and bookkeeping - and our time is tracked by the minute;

  • Project packages, based on the scope of work needed and a specified time frame;

  • Value-based pricing to provide you with incredible, ongoing business support, including virtual assistance, graphic design, and bookkeeping services.

  • Specialized services, including portrait photography, website design, SEO, video and sound production, and more. Let us know what you need, and we'll be happy to find the right solution for a fair price.   

Easy Payment Options

In addition to having a variety of service options, and several pricing plans and packaging options, we offer many easy ways to pay.


You can pay right here on our website, or you can be invoiced and pay by credit card, e-transfer, EFT, cheque, or even cash (because we are local)!

Privacy & Confidentiality

In the wild, squirrels are very protective of their nuts and berries. They go to great lengths to bury their food without any other creature seeing exactly where it's hidden, even creating diversions and using other interesting tactics.

Virtual Squirrels are equally protective of our clients' businesses. We use state-of-the-art software to protect our clients' passwords, and we take the utmost care to protect all data, procedures, and unique business details of each of our clients.


Signing Confidentiality and Rights of Data Agreements to protect our clients is a standard practice here at Virtual Squirrel.

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Exceptional Quality

One of the problems with having only a single virtual or onsite assistant is that you are limited to their skill set, abilities, knowledge and time constraints. With Virtual Squirrel, you will get consistent, top-notch support from the best Squirrel or Squirrels for the job. In short, you get only the very best virtual assistant services possible.

And you will benefit from our built-in quality control system, which improves accuracy and ensures the highest possible workmanship. Have a favourite Squirrel for the job? No problem. When you are happy, so are we! And we'll also be ready for the unforeseen, just in case, so there's always another Squirrel cross-trained and ready to assist in times of need.

Memorably Good Customer Support

Just because we're virtual, it doesn't mean we're nameless, faceless Squirrels. And you're not just another customer to us. You'll appreciate the great care and attention you and your work will receive. 

Enjoy being on a first-name basis with us. And remember, we're just a phone call or email away!

A Bouquet of Squirrels

Okay, okay. So a bunch of squirrels is actually called a dray or a scurry, but we think the word "bouquet" better describes our team and recognizes their individual, unique contributions.

The majority of our virtual assistance team is located in Metro Vancouver, and every Squirrel has been personally selected by Managing Squirrel, Laura Kassama, based on her many years of managing virtual assistants and being one herself since 2001. 

The Virtual Squirrels are diverse and highly qualified, ready, willing, and able to serve your business no matter where it's located. Each team member has the integrity and drive to always aim higher. Together, we become more than the sum of our flowers... or, Squirrels.

You can count us to work together to get your work done quickly, accurately and to your complete satisfaction. With Virtual Squirrel, you'll always get a whole team of support. 

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Why Choose Virtual Squirrel?
There are many virtual assistance companies around, including local options as well as international ones. So, let's break it down.
Some agencies advertising in Vancouver offer overseas support, which is cheap but inherently problematic due to language and cultural barriers, as well as lack of local knowledge and oversight.
Other services offer rock bottom pricing and advertise that they only use local support (however, check the fine print to be sure - you'd be surprised by what you may find out). But think about it. Low prices means low wages, leading to either inexperienced or undervalued workers... who often don't last long.
Then there are other virtual assistants who offer only themselves as workers. This is not a bad option, as long as you have back-up plans for when you have an urgent job you need help with but your provider is sick, on holidays, busy on someone else's big deadline, or just not answering your phone calls and emails in a timely manner.
And one person can only have so many good skills. Can you reasonably expect or trust just one person to do your bookkeeping, including keeping up with the latest CRA rules, handling your SEO and social media accounts, designing your infographic, and providing quality customer support to your clients?
Is that one person passionate about what they do, detail-oriented, a true people-person, process-driven, knowledgeable and highly skilled in all aspects of your business needs, as well able to provide that big picture feedback to help you find time- and cost-saving solutions for your business? Of course not. And neither are you, which is why having a team gives you the best opportunity for success!  
It's also worth considering that working for just one company at a time is very different than knowing how to juggle multiple clients and priorities. Many administrative assistants think they can handle becoming virtual assistants, but they don't realize the intense time management challenges, the self-motivation required, the diversity of tasks and the quick mental switches required for successfully working on-demand for multiple clients, carrying out a variety of work. On top of all that, virtual assistants who are self-employed are actually trying to run their own businesses in addition to assisting their clients. As you know, managing a business takes time and focus away from doing other work. 
After having worked as an administrative assistant, followed by many years of experience working as a virtual assistant and managing teams of virtual assistants, Managing Squirrel Laura Kassama can attest that it takes a special type of person to be successful as a virtual assistant. She has watched many virtual assistants fail, and has seen many others just limp along - trying hard for their clients but not really succeeding.
So, that's where Virtual Squirrel comes in. We have a large team of happy and well-fed Squirrels, well-suited to the challenges of virtual assistance. We are highly skilled, and we provide each other with the support needed to be truly successful. As a team, we constantly share knowledge, help one another (where skills overlap), and provide excellent quality control through our innovative internal management system. We are totally dedicated to delivering the highest quality virtual assistance you can find, and we are having fun doing just that!
At Virtual Squirrel, you will find us to be eager, organized, cheerful, resourceful and effective. You'll appreciate our high quality workmanship and memorably good customer service. Remember, we are really here for you!
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