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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone / Fax: 604-343-2766


Specialized virtual assistance for your small business.

We've got 25 Squirrels   ready for action!  

Howdy, Neighbour! We are virtually everywhere, but our treequarters is here in East Vancouver!

Virtual Squirrel Services:

Document Processing

  • Advanced Document Formatting

  • Creating Templates & Fillable Forms

  • Editing & Proofreading

  • Report Generation

  • Writing, Copywriting & Blogs

  • Typing & Scanning Services

  • Transcription Services & Minute Taking

  • File Conversions

Association & Client Management

  • Database Management

  • Email Management

  • Client / Member Services

  • Scheduling & Appointment Setting

  • Event Planning

  • Phoning Campaigns

Personal Assistance

  • Appointment Scheduling & Calendar Management

  • Online Research & Data Mining

  • Travel Arrangements & Accommodation Booking

  • Digital Support & Technical Assistance

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Get Organized & Systems Development

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Graphic Design & Online Content

  • Graphic Design, Logos & Branding

  • Social Media Strategy & Social Media Management 

  • Websites & SEO Optimization

  • Marketing & Promotions

Other Creative Services

  • Video & Sound Post Production

  • Portrait Photography

Accountant-Led Bookkeeping

  • Full Cycle Bookkeeping

  • Invoicing

  • Account Collections

And So Much More!

  • Customizing your services is easy

  • Our experienced Squirrels are eager to help

  • Train us once and be done - never re-train again

  • We're just a phone call or email away

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We are really here for you!

You're busy and you don't have the time to deal with all those tasks and distractions you don't really enjoy doing. You know, all those things that take you away from making money and doing what you really want to do instead.

Wouldn't it be great to find a virtual assistant you can count on and trust to help you, any time you need it? How would this change your life? How would this improve your business?

Now what if, instead of just one person, limited by skill-set and time capacity, you had an entire coordinated team of specialized and skilled support, flexible and ready to assist you on-demand? Imagine, a personalized team - always knowledgeable about your business. Your own team - trained, ready, and happy to assist you. 


Get an entire team of support whenever you need us, for however long you need us. You'll always get efficient help with the exact skills suited for the work, and you'll never have to re-train an assistant again!

Our goal is to simplify your life and grow your business, and that's why Virtual Squirrel offers the best virtual assistant services you could ever hope for.

It's Easy, Flexible, & Cost Effective


Virtual Squirrel


  • Get a customized plan or package that suits your needs:  

    1. Hourly, on-demand support, time-tracked to the minute.

    2. Project-based pricing with specified scope and time frame.

    3. Value-based pricing plan for ongoing, relationship-focused support. 

  • You'll appreciate our personalized support and careful quality control.

  • Never re-train again! Give us the instructions once - we'll always be ready.

  • Our team will become your team - enjoy being on a first name basis with us.

  • Most of the Squirrels are located Vancouver, connected to our community.

  • We're just a phone call or email away!

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For a free consultation on how a reliable local virtual assistant can free up your time

and improve your business

Our Specialists Include:

  • Virtual Admin Assistants

  • Writers, Editors and Proofreaders

  • Corporate Event Planners

  • Graphic Designers & Desktop Publishers

  • Social Media Managers & Strategists

  • Website Designers

  • Bookkeepers overseen by a CP, CA

  • Business Analysts

  • Video & Sound Producers

  • Portrait Photographers

  • And so much more!

Proud Member Of:
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