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FlatDashers Department

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Don't go nuts over finding your new rental home! You have better things to do than to spend your time pouring over all the internet rental sites looking for just the right new rental home, contacting potential landlords to ask questions, and setting up viewing times. 

We don't work for property owners - we work for you. You can be assured that we will search high and low to find exactly what you are looking for, as quickly as possible. This is a personalized service, and our team is just a phone call, text message, or email away. We are here to help you through this process.


We do not accept any incentives from property owners or property management companies, so you can be assured of our unbiased dedication to helping you lock down the best rental property for you.

Rental Property
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There are a few things we cannot control:  What's available on the market at the time you want new housing, what kind of landlord you might end up with, the cost of available rental housing, whether or not you are accepted for a rental unit, and so on.


We will do our best to identify scams and fraudsters to help you steer clear, but we don't guarantee this. You are responsible for ensuring that the rental is right for you, for signing the lease, and for providing a credit check if one is required by the property owner / manager.

The Tenant Resource & Advisory Service ( has some helpful information the rental process, landlords' and tenants' rights, how to avoid scams, and more. They even have a free online course called, "Renting It Right", which is endorsed by LandlordBC. We highly recommend you check it out! 

You're also responsible for paying the rental deposit, moving expenses, and any other costs that may be incurred by your move. Our service mission is very simple:  To provide you with a curated list of rental properties matching your requested options, and to handle any initial enquiries and set up viewings whenever appropriate and requested by you. We will scour the online rental listing services and provide you with any matches in the marketplace in a timely manner. 

Get started now with the following 2 easy steps, so we can find your new rental home!

Thank you for using Virtual Squirrel's FlatDasher Rental Home Listing Match Service. We're springing into action for you!

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FlatDashers Department

Phone:  604-398-3755


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