In a Nutshell...

Best Way to Handle a Difficult Client Issue

We've all been there. Your client has said something inflammatory, or has made an unreasonable demand. Perhaps you've even been shouted at. Yuck.

Take a beat. Breathe a little. Actually, focus on that breath. Feel the air move up your nose and down your throat. Notice the pause before you breathe back out, and follow the breath back out. Or maybe you are more tuned in with noticing your chest or abdomen rising and falling with the breath. No problem. Just allow your focus to follow your breath for those few short seconds.

This small distraction can help to bring you back to centre. The unhappy experience will pass, but in the meantime, some kind of action must be taken. But you don't need to strongly react.

Try listening. Ask for clarification. Show that you care and even empathize. Repeat back what you heard so your client knows that you have listened.

This person is suffering. They either want something they don't have, or they don't want something that they have gotten. This is always how suffering arises. It's not always logical. Angry or upset people are often so overcome by their emotions that they really aren't thinking clearly.