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Why Cheaper Often Isn’t Less Expensive

Typist, Data Entry

Smart entrepreneurs know what to look for when outsourcing their work.

We all want to save money, right? But in trying to save money, we can end up spending more money, wasting time, and dealing with extra hassles. It’s best to make informed decisions, instead of just guessing. Or worse, choosing what looks like the cheapest option, and then hoping for a good outcome.

Someone asked me an interesting question recently about how to know when a typing or data entry service is reasonably priced. This is a great question because in the marketplace there are a variety of rates for similar services. When it comes to a service such as typing or data entry, you need to consider the following issues:

Is the rate based on an hourly cost, or is it based on the amount of work completed? Most virtual admin assistants will base their time on an hourly rate, and that’s because it really depends on the difficulty of the document as to how long it will take to input.