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Laura Kassama Appointed Vice President of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA)

Laura Kassama, Vice President of the International Virtual Assistants Association

Vancouver businesswoman Laura Kassama has been appointed as Vice President of the International Virtual Assistants Association. Laura is only the second Canadian to hold the role of Vice President of IVAA, since the organization’s inception in the 1990s.

As a part of a three-year commitment, Laura will ascend to the role of President next year and will remain on the Board as Past President through April 2021.

Laura’s background in management includes many years spent in the business centre industry, where she focused on client services and provided high quality virtual assistance solutions through that business model. Laura successfully transitioned out of the business centre industry to focus her skills and knowledge on her true passion of providing virtual business support solutions. She now runs her own popular virtual assistance agency, Virtual Squirrel Business Support Services.

Virtual Squirrel is an integrated and collaborative team of 25 specialists who work together closely to provide personalized creative services and administrative support for small business owners and non-profit organizations.

Laura brings to IVAA and its members her strong values of inclusion, dedication to excellency, and her eagerness to always keep learning. Her friendly, helpful and supportive attitude is appreciated by both her clients and team members.

In response to the IVAA Board appointment, Laura gave the following comment:

“It is a great honour to have been recruited to the IVAA Board, and I am excited to make a positive impact on the organization and to continue advocating for the virtual assistance industry and the clients we serve.”

Laura wasted no time settling into her new role and has immediately brought together a committee focused on a long-term strategy to better serve IVAA’s existing members and to grow its membership. Laura’s goal is to expand IVAA’s membership beyond the 27 countries currently represented through IVAA’s members to include new and emerging markets, opening up IVAA’s support to even more virtual assistants around the world.

For more information about IVAA, please visit To learn about the many ways Virtual Squirrel supports small businesses, please visit Virtual Squirrel’s website,

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